To Glass Splashback or to Tile Splashback: That is the Question.

You love glass splashbacks, and you love tile splashbacks, so how do you know which one will suit you better?

It's all about the way you use your kitchen...

Tiles have been around for donkey's years to protect walls in wet areas, but deciding whether or not to install a tiled splashback instead of a glass splashback is as easy as asking yourself "How messy is your cooking? or How much can you afford?"

If your cooking is fairly messy and requires heavy clean up, a glass (or perspex) splashback is the one for you. They look great in almost any bold colour, but with limited grooves and joins they're incredibly easy to clean.

Tile splashbacks take a little extra to clean, with multiple joins and (usually) white mortar but come in a huge range of designs and are (usually) much more affordable. So if your cooking is simple and you need to save a few dollars, tiles are for you.

We know, we know, you want it all, and these days, you probably can. If you're interested in more affordable glass splashback options, why not look at perspex? Tough and durable and at half the cost of glass, perspex is a great alternative for those that want the glass look at the tile price.

If you're thinking of upgrading your kitchen and splashback, Handy Mates Property Maintenance can supply and install the right kitchen for you!

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