How to Make the Most of a DIY Weekend

The long weekend is just around the corner and you want to get started on your DIY project, but every time you start one of these things, you never seem to finish. So how do you plan for your DIY weekend?

We've all been there...

You know, those long weekends where you COULD be sanding back the patio, but instead find yourself sipping cold drinks next to a pool and BBQ? There's nothing wrong with that, except the next long weekend you have is in 3 months and you need the work done now, so what do you do?

If you find yourself struggling to find your DIY mojo then Handy Mates Property Maintenance have some tips for you.

1. Wake up early and go hard

An early start usually (but not always) means an early finish. Now we're not suggesting you get up at 3 in the morning and wake your neighbours with a hammer drill, but prep the night before, layout your tools, wait for the neighbours to wake and get straight into it.

2. Remember hard work, is likened to a gym workout

It is, it really really is. Skip the gym and work on your DIY projects and tell yourself you've killed two birds with one stone. While you're at it, see if you can get the kids involved (to the degree that their little hands can) and kill three birds! Family, gym and handywork always looks good from your spouses point of view!

3. Ask a mate for help

That one friend that is ALWAYS using your excellent DIY skills to help them around the house is the first person you call when you need help. In fact, get in before they can make any plans for their long weekend and book them for the entire 3 days. Sell it as a friendship bonding thing and always, ALWAYS have their favourite drink ready and waiting.

4. Don't do everything yourself

If there is something particularly tricky you need to DIY, why not hire a Handy Mate? Focus on the part of the DIY you enjoy and work on the things you know you can get through in your allocated time. Let Handy Mates do the rest and who knows, you might even be able to learn a thing or two!

In all seriousness though, we understand our clients are busy, but we also understand our clients want to spend time working on their own home, we know there's nothing like the feeling of completing a job you can look at every day so our tips are:

1. Plan

Plan all your tools/layouts/colours... everything prior to the long weekend.

2. Break

Give yourself time to break and enjoy the progress... this is critical to finding the motivation to keep going.

3. Safety

Ensure your safety checks are all in place and you are bending, lifting and moving correctly. There is nothing worse then having to get up on day 2, when day 1 was spent moving your body in ways it really shouldn't.

4. Enjoy

Turn on the music, find company and enjoy your time, you'll have truly earnt your favourite drink after this.

To make a booking to have a Handy Mate come out and help you complete your DIY project fill out our form here

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